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John Ginster Catering Limited fully appreciates the importance of Corporate Events to a company’s marketing and communication strategy. To this end we seek to maximise the value that our catering solution can provide to enhance the overall success of each and every event.

As planning at Corporate Events is of critical importance, we invest substantial time upfront with the Corporate Event Management Team. This ensures that all the relevant information is utilised to deliver the most effective catering solution.  
By offering the total outsourced catering solution, we enable the Event Management Team to concentrate on their main tasks during the event with the peace of mind that the catering is being professionally managed.

John Ginster Catering Limited has the capability to service most needs, including indoor as well as outdoor catering. Based on the company’s experience, we are also able to scale up our service to cater for large and complex requirements.

To ensure that your event is a complete success, contact us today on 0117 902 5275.

John Ginster Catering
John Ginster Catering